Requirements For India Visa For US Citizens Or India Travel Visa

Updated On: February 13, 2017

When you travel to another country, an essential and necessary document is a visa. A citizen of the United States of America looking to visit India is required to have the valid travel documents. While traveling abroad, you can acquire a U.S. passport with a valid visa at an Indian Mission or post.

That being said, applying through the internet is the easiest way to obtain a visa. If you live in the U.S and are looking to visit this culturally diverse and beautiful country, however, you do not have a visa, you can apply for an E-Tourist (eTV) or Indian Visa online. There are various types of visas that the Indian government issues, for example, students visas, research visas, business visas, employment visas, journalist visas, entry visas, transit visas, conference visas, medical visas, emergency visas, and diplomatic visas.

The various Visas that are offered by the Indian government range from a student visa, conference visa, research visa, business visa, medical visa, diplomatic visa, transit visa and much more. It will take the Indian mission or port a minimum of three days after application to issue a visa. The one exception to this specific time limit would be in the case of a specialized reason. As far as requirements are concerned, here is some useful information to keep in mind.

If there is an Indian consulate or Embassy which services your area, it is also possible to apply for a regular visa there. That being said, if you opt for this option, they will not accept any handwritten information. If you intend to apply for a regular visa, the application form will have to be downloaded off of the Indian government websites, and this form must be filled in completely. You can then submit this form to the Indian embassy or consulate or the Indian Visa Application Center.

Make sure that your document for your Indian is presented on the scheduled date for your interview, any other supporting documents which may be required should also be submitted. For example your birth certificate, passport or national form of identification. All applications are filled individually; therefore if anyone is traveling you also wants to file for a visa, they too have to complete their application. Before submitting any details online, make sure you have thoroughly verified them; you are also able to save the document online for completion and verification at a later time. india travel visa, india visa business, india visa for us citizens, india visa hassle, india visa office, india visa policy, india visa tourist, india visa us citizen, india visa youtube

Once you have been issued an application ID, you will be asked by the system if you wish to schedule an appointment. If you pay online and wish to schedule an appointment, the answer to click on will be yes. Once that’s completed you can move on to set a date.

You may also apply for a regular visa at an Indian consulate or embassy near you, however as written information is not allowed, you will not be able to submit any. What this means is that you will have to enter the website of the Indian government and download the required application, once you have filled it you cab it over to the proper authorities at the Indian Visa Application Center. If you are not located near an application center, you may also hand it over to the Indian Mission and Port.

If you are seeking to apply for an Indian Visa, you must download the necessary applications form and fill it out; you may also provide and other supporting and supplementary documentation. Once you have filled out all the forms and provided all needed information, you must then submit your documents to the Indian Visa Application Center.