What Makes Travelling to India So Different

There is something magical about India which attracts so many foreigners every year. Not only the famous places in India but, also the hospitality, food, positive vibes of religion and traditions keep you interested. Staying with local people and traveling on street roads via public transport, is something worth experiencing while you are on your tour to India. Making memories for a lifetime is sure to leave you in awe, especially the people here. In case you are applying for Indian e-visa online, be ready for some incredible sights coming your way. The listed items below will give you an idea about all the things that make traveling to India a lot more different yet amazing.

Pocket-Friendly Trip

People generally think that they will not be able to get a comfortable stay, rather only pollution and dirt but, that’s not true. It absolutely depends upon you and your budget. The more you will spend, the higher the luxuries you will get. These hotels won’t be going to charge big comparatively. A drop-in rupee value will make your trip cheaper than usual.

Hospitality offered

For Indians, the guest is the second name of God. You might be shocked to hear that, but this is the truth. Surely, you can’t think of hospitality you going to experience. Due to the increasing popularity, you will get many new things to experience. What I suggest you should add this to your bucket list. Staying with local people will give memories and help you built new relations.

Indian Spirituality

India can give you experience that inspires you and refreshes your soul. Many tourists come to learn yoga, meditate and stay in the ashram. You can be one of them. Another experience that you will cherish for your life will be attending evening aarti along with the Ganga river at Rishikesh, Haridwar or Varanasi. This type of purity can’t be seen anywhere else. The sound of aarti will be going to touch directly your heart and give you a strong positive vibe.

Beauty of Architecture

One of the most important things for which attracts so many visitors is monuments, sculptures, and architecture. There are so many monuments spreads across the country that you can’t even cover in one single trip. Starting from white marble of Taj Mahal to Red Fort in Delhi, from the beauty of Udaipur to temples in Kerala. These places are maintained with special care and still their beauty is preserved. All of them have a beautiful history that is unforgettable. Once you will listen to the stories you will surely fall in love.

Food and Spices

In the beginning, you may find difficult to adjust with Indian food but once you get used to it you will become foodie like Indians. India consists of about 29 states and each state has its own specialty in food. You may get shocked but that’s the reality. Starting from north to south India is a place full of foodie people. You really need to taste street food and other regional food offered. Some of them are dosa, puri, cholle bathure, bada pav etc.

Shopping is fun

Every tried bargaining? If no, then you are surely missing out fun. India is full of colours. You will get something new to purchase every state you visit, and this will make you craze for sure. Roam around the streets and get the chance to explore local markets. These markets are full of colourful items that will attract you and end up making a lot of items to purchase. Every region is beautiful in its own way. Try wearing traditional Indian attires that attract you the most. Picking up one would be difficult to choose.

Exploring the Himalayas

Star attracts of the Himalayas is something incredible. Bike rides on hills under a beautiful blanket of stars and river coming along is something dreamy. Try this adventurous ride. Try doing other activities like trekking, river rafting etc in Rishikesh. You will be going to love this beautiful movement. This is something you should never miss. Try having a good time in the Himalayas. As now the government has introduced Indian e-visa which has made getting visa easier. Why wasting time thinking of traveling. Apply for e-visa online and visit as soon as possible.

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