Visa Services Canada

Using One Of The Professional Visa Services Canada Offers To Get Through The Visa Process

India TourismCanadian citizens who wish to travel to another country may find they need a visa to get into that country.  There are also citizens of certain other countries who require a visa to enter Canada.  Working your way through the visa process can be complicated, so it can be helpful to hire one of the professional visa services Canada offers to help its citizens and potential visitors obtain the correct visa for their trip.

Indian citizens who want to visit or immigrate to Canada require a visa to do so.  If a Canadian citizen wants to visit India, they must first apply for an Indian visa.  India requires all visitors to have a visa to enter the country.  India has an e-visa program which includes Canada.  Processing for this visa takes anywhere from three to twelve working days.  Once approved, Canadians can get their visa stamped directly into their passport upon arrival at one of the sixteen major airports in India.  There are various types of visas available for Canadian visitors, including tourist, medical, business and family visas.  India does allow Canadian visitors to apply for simple business and tourist visas and they do not have to send in their passport.  These types of simple visas are good for 30 days and all application processes are done online.

If a Canadian citizen cannot apply for an Indian visa through the e-visa program, they may use an alternate method.  Visa requirements for Canadian citizens desiring to enter India vary among the Canadian provinces.  If a Canadian lives in the NCR, Ottawa, Nunavut or Montreal, they can apply for a visa exactly 30 days before entry to India.  If they live in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Prince Edward Island, they can apply for their visa to enter India 90 days before they plan on entering the county.  If they live in British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, or the Northwest Territories, they may also apply for an Indian visa 90 days before entry to India.

There are visa services Canada offers to help their citizens get through the visa requirements of other countries.  India is a good example of the various visa requirements of the Indian government and it serves as a good example of what Canadian citizens may face when hoping to travel to another country. Canada has reciprocal relationships with some other countries and Canadian citizens are not required to get a visa in order to enter these countries.  In fact, having a Canadian passport opens doors to many other countries.  Canadian passport holders can enter 173 countries without having to obtain a visa.

In a recent report ranking the most useful passports from various countries, the Canadian passport was the seventh most useful passport out of passports from 51 countries.  The top five countries were Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland and the United States.  These countries had visa agreements with 174 countries as compared to Canada’s 173.  The cost of the Canadian passport is reasonable as well.  Yes, Sweden’s passport only costs $51, but Canada’s costs $160 and Turkey’s costs $303 which is almost double that.

While there may be some truth that Canadians never go anywhere without a maple leaf pinned somewhere on their body, having a Canadian passport can be a great advantage if someone wants to travel easily.  Even when traveling to India, Canadians are urged to take advantage of the great visa services Canada offers its citizens.  The companies offering these services can help smooth the way through any visa process.  This can save travelers many headaches and much time.