UK Visa India

Information For UK Citizens To Obtain Travel Visa To India

indiaukLooking to travel to India in the near future and want to make sure you are doing it the right way? It all begins by getting a travel visa approved to go to India in the first place. Let’s take a look at what the process is going to entail and what the requirements are for those who are intrigued by this idea and want to travel. It is essential to understand these details before moving forward to reduce the concerns that could come along the way.

British Citizens Receive “E-Tourist Visa”

‘British Citizens’ who have this written on their passport will be able to apply for a specific visa (which tends to get approved quickly). This was created in conjunction with the Indian government to ensure travelling was easy for UK citizens. The purpose of the E-Tourist visa is to make sure British citizens who were born in the nation are able to apply for the visa and travel as needed.

This visa is only reserved for specific airports in India. An additional visa is required to travel between cities inside India however.

Transit Visa Required For Travel Within India

For those who are hoping to travel within India, a separate visa is going to be tagged on to ensure travel is allowed inside. If this transit visa is not being applied for, you will not be able to travel as required and will have to remain in the city where the plane landed.

The transit visa has its own requirements and requires specific approval from a government official in order to be accepted.

Documentation Requirements To Consider

What is required to sign up for the visa and get the process started as needed? These details are important to note down in order to make sure you are prepared for the process.

1) Fill out the application form

2) Get 2 photographs for the passport and visa

3) Valid passport (for 3 months minimum)

These documents will ensure you are ready to go for the process.

Additional Points To Note

Are there additional notes to point out? It is important to understand the fees being used to process are not going to be returned (regardless of rejection or approval). It is also important to note suppression of facts will get in the way of the process and can lead to immediate rejection.

Getting a visa for India is something a lot of people want, but it might not seem as simple as one would think. It is not difficult as long as you are paying attention to these details and moving forward with the appropriate decision. These are the tips and tricks that are going to ensure you are able to get the visa in place as needed.

These are the options that are going to put you in front with regards to the value you are getting and how quickly you will be able to travel.