Types of Indian Visas You Never Heard Of

India, known for its authentic culture and nature’s delight attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Coming to India has not been as easy as it is now, the Indian Visas are now easy to get. Last year, the Indian Government made some necessary changes in the kinds of visas offered to the nationals. However, there are still people who never heard of such Visa options the Indian government offered, to them this blog will turn out to be the best. Here are options of Indian Visas outlined together that you might haven’t heard of:

Tourist Visa

The first and foremost type that everybody knows of, is a Tourist Visa. India, being the country of distinct and unique cultures has a lot to offer to the nationals coming from around the world. However, there are times when the tourist visas are given for more than six months but, it all depends upon the nationality of the tourist.

Transit Visa

Transit visas are for short intervals of time granted to people for spending less than 72 hours of time. This type of visa needs a confirmed airline booking to show and is only valid until 3 days for direct transit entry and 15 days from the date of issue.

Entry (X) Visa

This type of Visa can be taken up by the foreigner having Indian origin and, this visa is not subject to the gap of two months. People taking up visas like this cannot work in India. The X-Visa holders don’t require to leave every six months and can get an extension in India.

Medical Visa

This visa is granted for quick treatments like an organ transplant, heart surgery, neurosurgery, joint replacement, plastic surgery or any urgent treatments. The person accompanying the patient is issued with Medical Attendant Visas.

Employment Visa

This kind of Visa is issued to the foreigners who are working in India for any specified term as per the contract or a period of one year. This requires proof of employment like the terms and conditions in the contract.

Research Visa

This visa has a lot of requirements before it gets issued. The research visa takes three long months to get approved from the Department of Education, and the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Intern Visa

This visa is for nationals pursuing internship program in India. The visa is valid until the internship period gets over and depends on the terms of contract. This kind of visa cannot be converted into Employment Visa or any other types of Visa.

Film Visa

Film Visas are issued to people filming a commercial or a TV show in India. The F-Visa application takes 60 days to get processed and goes around The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The visa’s validity is for one year.

Student Visa

Foreigner students who seek to study in India for long-term courses are issued with Student Visa. Courses like Vedic Culture, Indian System, Yoga Study, Music, and Dance are most of the reasons why people come with a student visa. Necessary documents that are required as proof are the student registration papers. The validity can be extended as per the course plan.

Journalist Visa

This type of visa is for professional photographers and journalists. This type of Visa can be issued by any journalist wanting to meet a person. The duration allowed with the journalist visa is 3 months and comes under one of the toughest Visas to obtain. Even if you want to film an advertisement or a documentary you have to first apply for Journalist visa.

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