Obtaining Tourist Visa in India

Do I have to get prepared for obtaining Indian Tourist Visa visa before I arrive in the said country? Or will I get the visa when I go there like in Thailand? I am a Canadian.

Yes. You have to.

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It is advisable to finalize your travel itinerary only after you obtain a visa.

Complete applications are acceptable at the checkout counter at High Commission of India in Ottawa and Consulate General of India, Toronto. In certain cases, applications at the High Commission of India located in Ottawa are processed. Visas may also be delivered the same day.

While some visas are delivered the same day, some visas may be delivered the next business day. This requirement is not applicable to Canadian passports which usually take a longer time to process.

It is possible that applications will be sent by mail or courier to Consulate General of India located in Toronto, and at the High Commission of India in Ottawa. You can also drop these applications at Consulate which is in Toronto. It often takes 3-5 business days to process these visas from the time that the request is received.

People originating from India who is also applying for a visa for their first time are ought to submit their Indian passport. This process is necessary for the cancellation of their previous Indian passport. Some applicants may also need to show up so that at their cost. Visa applications which are accepted and paid does not automatically imply that the visa is granted; if the request is declined, there must be no explanation for the reason of rejection, and there must be no discussion be it in the form of phone or writing will be accommodated. These requests will not receive an answer.

If processing of their applications is taking a while for obtaining the tourist visa, applicants are recommended that they can withdraw the passports they requested.

There must also be a receipt issued for every application that is registered.

During some Indian and other holidays, The High Commission or Consulate may be closed. You can contact them via a phone call to ask for further information about closed holidays, or you may check it on their website.

Here is a list of the visa types, needed documents, and fee if you are a Canadian passport bearer: (Fee may change without prior notice)

Transit visa: This is for people who stay in India so that they can get on the next flight for an onward trip. One needs to have verified airlines ticket to submit along with his or her application. The fee is fixed, and it is good for exactly 15 days.

Tourist Visa (T)- for a holiday/vacation, can not be extended, multiple entries.

Changes of purpose can not be made. The fee is fixed, and it should last for six months. Visa for one year is worth a similar fixed value.

Entry Visa (X): this is for the ones which fall under different categories and for visiting relatives who are inside India, multiple

Changes of purpose can not be made. The fee is also fixed, and it should last for exactly or around six months.Visa for one year is worth a similar value.

Student Visa(S): this is for authentic students who want to study in accredited educational establishments in India. This type of visa requires a letter coming from the educational institution validating the applicant’ registration, course duration, and proof of financial arrangments for maintenance. The High Commission of India or Consulate General has authority to reject visas based on each case.There shall be no grounds for refusal that will be assigned. The fee for this type of visa has a specific value, which is good for exactly six months, similar to single year and if it is not exceeding five years.

Business Visa (B): this is for project/business/trade/scheme/conference. This type of visa requires one to submit a letter stating the nature or characteristics of the applicant’s business, the estimated stay’s length, the films and locations in India that he or she wishes to explore including guarantees that he can sustain the maintenance expenses while inside India including those when outside India. In the situation that the visa which is for long-term is needed, proof of business which is in India might also be filed. The High Commission of India or Consulate General has authority to reject visas based on each case. There shall be no grounds for refusal that will be assigned. The fee for this Indian visa is fixed which is good for exactly six months, for a single year and if it is not exceeding five years.

Employment Visa (E): this is for working in India. This visa requires proof of applicant’s contract and the like of foreign citizens coming from company, organization, etc. and the particular organization’s registration proof under the necessary provisions coming from Indian Government must be submitted along with the requestor’s application. The Consulate General of India or the High Commission of India has authority to reject visas based on each case.There shall be no grounds for refusal that will be assigned. The fee for this type of visa is fixed which is good for six months, for a single year and if it is not exceeding five years.

Long term visa: this is for a stay that will not exceed five years; is given to people originating from India who wish to have frequent trips to India, permanent residence, holiday, school purposes or to establish a business. It can also be obtained by travel agents who are of the foreign travel agency (or agencies) and of foreigners who often visit India. For someone to be granted this visa, he must submit a letter stating the reasons in detail for a visa which is for long-term and financial assurance may be needed. Long-time visa bearers need to obey the regulations about Registration (which is done at Registration Offices for Foreigners in the requestor’s particular region\which are located in Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi as well as the Police’s District Superintendent in the other districts), AIDS test, Income Tax Clearance, Multiple Entries.

The fee is fixed value if it is not more than five consecutive years.


(1) This conferring of visa for five years is subject to the approval of the India’s High Commission or Consulate General. In the case of visa rejection, no telephone or writing discussion shall be accommodated. (2) Foreigners entering and staying in India on visas for 181 days or more need to register within two weeks upon arriving in India. (3) Foreign people originating from India who have visas that are for long-term and who will stay in India for 181 days or more will have to do registration with FRRO.

India’s High Commission in Ottawa: For sending back the passport

Priority Mail via Fed Ex are typically the covered locations.

By the carrier companies. India’s General Consulate, Toronto: For sending it back via Security Mail- $7/- (good for no more than three passports) plus an additional $1- for every other passport that is in the same single cover. For sending it back via priority post, a total of c $15- inside Ontario and $25/-outside the province of Ontario. If Priority Post/ Security Mail/ will be used; one can either enclose an envelope which is prepaid or deposits a requisite charge. Applicants also have the option to send the courier envelopes which are prepaid, but applicants themselves must arrange pick ups especially when it is time to picking up time.

An extra processing fee which is $30/- people applying for a visa who are also non-Canadian passport bearers must pay for this. $31/-levy can be paid on top of the processing and regular fees related to visa application if it is an American passport.

Visa mailing fees must be paid only in the exact amount using cash, certified bank cheque made for India’s High Commission of India or Consulate General for requests sent by mail/courier. If the payment tendered is less than the prescribed fee, a possible service delay/refusal may happen. Company cheques, as well as personal cheques, are not acceptable. There must be no refund that will be processed too regardless whether there is visa application rejection or if someone withdraws it.

For visa reference situations, such as Research, arrival to protected and prohibited Areas, journalist, film shooting, Missionary work, visa for Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Pakistan, Chinese and Afghani nationals, there are other applicable rules from Visa officers. Pakistani people who have dual nationality are required to adhere to the proper procedures for those who are Pakistani nationals.

Fees for Visa requests are processing fees by nature, and any refusal of the application entitles no refund to the applicant.

Visas for protected/restricted areas: A requestor who wishes to go to an Indian area which is considered restricted or protected must file an application using the recommended form, so that he/she will be granted a special permit, on top of his/her visa application. The processing time for this requests is Indian Government Tourist Office which is at 60, Bloor Street West, No.1003, Toronto (Tel.No.416 062 3787)

Senior Citizen and Handicapped: People who are considered belonging to this group may visit Indian High Commission/ Consulate personally so that they will receive special attention and services.

For administrative purposes, there is a division of jurisdiction that is providing services inside Canada. The following are the included areas of the three offices which are in Canada.

HIGH COMMISSION OF INDIA: Springfield Road, Ottawa City, Ontario K1M 1C9 (Tel.No.613 744 3751/52/53, Fax No.613 744 0913). National Capital Region of Ottawa-Hull, Kingston, Cornwall, Renfrew, Hawks bury, Arnprior, Perth, Prescott, Morrisburg (Ontario), Smith Falls, Brockville, Montreal (Quebec), Carleton Place.

(b)CONSULATE GENERAL OF INDIA, TORONTO: 1835, Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto City, Ontario M4S 1X8 (Tel.No.416 960 0751/52, Fax No.416 960 9812). Quebec and Ontario(not including places which are under the authority of Ottawa High Commission), Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island.

(C) CONSULATE GENERAL OF INDIA, VANCOUVER: 325, Howe Street, 2nd Floor, Vancouver, BC V6C 1Z7 (Tel.No.604 662 8811, Fax 604682 2471. Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Yukon Territory.

Applicants who regularly live in these jurisdictional locations need to request to the appropriate office only. Requestors who are not within these jurisdictional areas will have to pay a service charge of C $30/- and the average processing time is one week.

People entering India through or from areas infected with yellow fever need to have a certificate validating vaccination against the said disease.There are no vaccinations other than this required when arriving in India. People between 18 until 70 years old also undergo AIDS test.