Is Tourist Visa in Colombo Sri Lanka cheaper

Is it true that getting a tourist visa for Indian in Sri Lanka is cheaper than in Canada or Norway? I am aware that Canadian and Norwegian citizens must get visas before going to India. However, obtaining one in Norway or Canada is expensive, and it is approximately 50 EUR. I will be staying in Sri Lanka for roughly ten days, and I want to know if I should just obtain a visa in Colombo on my first day there. How much would I pay in Colombo for getting of it? What are the special requirements? I was informed that anyone who wants to acquire one in any countries located in Sub-Saharan Africa must have a certificate showing that you underwent vaccination for yellow fever. Do I have to submit/present similar paperwork in Sri Lanka when I apply for a country visa?

The cost of getting a Tourist Indian Visa in Colombo Sri Lanka is the same anywhere you apply.

If Africa is the place where you are coming from, you have to get a certification that you received a yellow fever vaccination. If you are coming from Norway, Canada, or any other places except Africa, you don’t need to undergo a vaccination against yellow fever for tourist visa.