Things to Know about Indian e-Visa

People planning to visit India needs a visa from an Indian diplomatic committee unless they come from one of the visa-free countries or a country whose citizens obtain a visa on arrival or an Indian e-Visa online. The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) service became operational for 40 eligible countries, including those which are eligible for visa on arrival. ETA is a kind of visa issued for tourism, visiting friends or family, short duration medical treatment and, business tours. The scheme was renamed to e-Tourist Visa and, then e-Visa with three sub-categories: e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, and e-Medical Visa.

Although, an application for e-Visa should be given in advance which is valid for 60 calendar days from the date of arrival. On e-Tourist Visa and, e-Business Visa, double entry is available as well as the Triple entry is available for e-Medical Visa. One cannot extend the duration of stay. Also, the fees are divided into four slabs depending on the nationality.

 What is Indian e-Visa?

Indian e-Visa is an electronic authorization to travel to India for the different reasons as per the need of the tourist. It is an official document which allows entry into the country as well as one can also travel within India.

One thing you should also keep in mind that while applying, it is not necessary to submit passport and, other documents. It is an online process and, through Visa Central the applying process becomes easy. The applicants can receive their visas through email only after filling the application form with the necessary information and, details. Once the online card payment is completed, the applicant can get his Visa at the comfort of his home. The e-Visa approval will be issued in advance electronically before your departure for India, at the immigration checkpoint the original visa is placed inside their passport.

In 2014, the Government of India introduced an online tourist Visa with a vision to promote tourism industry. Due to which, travelers no longer have to visit the embassy to get their visa. At present, there are more than 160 countries from which tourists can apply their Visa depending on the motive of their visit. By using the e-Visa program travelers can apply, pay an online fee and, receive their electronic visa online while being staying at home.

Instructions and Requirements for India e-Visa:

  • The Indian Tourist e-visa allows for two entries into the country. Despite that, it is significant to note the Indian Tourist e-visa can be used a maximum of two times in a year.
  • Indian Tourist e-visa is valid for one twenty days. If one applies outside the validate days, it provides a unique service that ensures the application goes through on the correct date. The visitor can stay in the country for not more than 60 days. They must carry a copy along with them at the time of travel.
  • The Indian Tourist e-Visa allows entry through 26 designated Airports and, five designated Seaports. Though, travelers can exit from any of the authorized Check Posts. The visa is also not -extendable.
  • A passport should have at least six months validity from the date of arrival in India. Also, the applicants must arrive using the same passport with which they applied for the Tourist e-Visa. The applicant’s passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer. For International Travelers, they must have a return ticket or onward journey ticket.
  • The E-Visa services involve an online application for which means there is no facility required by any intermediary or an agent. One should not share one’s personal information with any unauthorized website as it may lead to personal date piracy. You can also visit the authorized website of Government of India for any service or clarification.

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