Spend days in the country using one-year multiple entry business visa

I would highly appreciate your assistance in giving me some advice about it. This visa that I have is a one-year multiple entry visa, and it is valid for one year. I need to go to my place of business for the first week. After that week, I will spend my holiday and travel to the Southern India for a week. Somebody told me that I could do these things using my visa; however, I am looking for someone who can assure me that they will allow this matter.

You can go to any places in India excluding Andaman Island and some locations in northeast India.


– Pakistan people who have an India visa have few options as they are not allowed to explore the country freely, and they need to stay in the city in which they are permitted.

– If you are not from Pakistan, you can go to any places in India excluding the locations that I stated.

It is advisable to call the Embassy of India in your country so you can confirm all of the statements.