Reasons Why Tourist Love Travelling India

What can be better than visiting India, the land of contrasts? The only reason why India is famous amongst the nationals is the richness in its heritage and the diversity in culture. While you plan your travel to India and apply for Indian visa online, don’t miss a chance of getting a better view of India. From the best places for the hangout to the best foods to eat, try to have a closer look at the life in India and, you will be ready for it. Meanwhile doing this you will end up in a situation feeling what makes India a center of attraction for travelers. To help you get over this here are the reasons why you and every foreigner visiting India would love to be here:

Cultural Variations

When a tourist visits from Goa and plans to visit other regions of the country, they are introduced by the culture clash. Not only the southern and northern part is different, but you will observe great variations in each state. You will see a great variation in class at a point you can see people living in a beautiful palace like homes and other side homeless people without even shelter. So, be prepared to see such things. The differences are huge that it is impossible to compare.

Lip-Smacking Food

The Indian food is served in almost every part of the world. If you like the taste of food served in another country, you tried then come and taste the original Indian food. You will surely observe a great difference in the food you tried in India to the one served in the western world. I can bet that you will love the taste. Dishes choices are so many that there are good chances of getting confused. At the time of traveling suddenly, you will observe heavy aroma coming from restaurants and food stalls which is so attractive that you may end eating them all. Every place you will visit has its own food specialty and taste so good that I even can’t explain.

Beauty of Nature

The natural beauty of India that will refresh your soul and touches your heart. A beauty that will give you inner peace. Starting from the Himalayas to Kerala, you will fall in love again. Wildlife centuries, forest, river, waterfalls, and mountains are so beautiful that is beyond your imagination. Staying a night or spending a day in houseboats will remove all your stress. Experience bike riding in Rishikesh is something adventurous. What I feel is that this type of beauty you should see once in your life.


Traveling to India is cheap. Also, the fall in rupee value has now made travel cheaper. Just by spending a few nuts you can travel a large part very easily. As little as 100 dollars can cover about monthly charges, good food is served in peanuts. Starting from yoga classes to travel and the food they all are unbelievably cheap. If you are from a rich country this could be one of your cheapest trips ever. Living locally and experiencing street food has made travel so affordable. Visitors get attracted because traveling is so cheap.

Taj Mahal

Mainly people come to visit the see the beauty of Taj Mahal located in Agra. They get so attracted by the fact that it was built by Shah Jahan for his lovable wife Mumtaz. The Mahal is preserved in such a manner that its beauty still attracts so many people. When you visit here, I am sure you will understand the meaning of love. To make your travel complete it is basic to travel to India. The white marble is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off. This place is one of the seven worlds of wonders. I ensure you once you get to know the history you can’t stop yourself from making a visit to Agra.

Masala Chai

You will surely observe many tea vendors. Try for once and slowly you will end up having the addiction like drugs. It is so refreshing and easily available that you can’t stop yourself from purchasing. People are crazy for tea that they can’t start there day without it. Trying this for once is basic and I’m sure you will fall in love with it. Apply for Indian visa so to experience the beauty of India.

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