PIO Card, India Visa or OCI Card required baby born in US?

I need someone to give me some assistance. I am soon returning to India. My spouse and I are citizens of India (We are holding country passports). Our baby was born in the United States.

Can someone help me understand what my baby needs? I would like to know what exactly he would need and if it would be an OCI card, PIO card or Indian visa. We will stay India in India for no less than six months.

After few years, we will stay again in the United States before we come back the baby. Both of us will come on L2 and L1 Visa because we have to travel with our baby back and forth. What is the most appropriate step to do in accordance with the law, and which of the three (PIO card, OCI card or India visa) should we get?

Babies of it parents who are born outside India do not qualify for OCI.
Thus, you are left with two possible options: PIO or visa.
PIO has multiple benefits than a visa. I highly suggest that you should just get a PIO if you will stay for a considerable time and go to many places.

A passport coming from the United States and a PIO permits you to go to any places you want except the places that are restricted.