Pay for penalties or forward applications along with India passport

I was able to be a citizen of the United Sates five years ago. I need to get a visa and renunciate my Indian citizenship.

Owners of Indian passports who became citizens of foreign countries prior to 1st of June 2010 will be charged 20 USD for the miscellaneous fee and the certificate. On the other hand, those who got their citizenship from other countries on or after 1st of June 2010 must pay 175 USD for the renunciation fee of your Indian citizenship.

Indian passports are not possible to use for travel more than three months after getting foreign citizenship. Once passport from India which has an expiration date on or after 1st of June 2005 is kept more than three years after obtaining foreign citizenship, you must pay 250 USD for the penalty fee. Furthermore, there is a charge or a penalty of 250 USD everytime that an Indian passport is misused for travel more than three months from the day of foreign citizenship acquisition, which can rise to 1250 USD.