Applying Online For An Indian Tourist Visa As A US Citizen

Updated On: June 07, 2017

If you are looking for a beautiful, beautiful country to visit, you will find that India is a great place to explore for study, work, or pleasure. Each year, some people obtain visas so that they can enjoy some time in India.

Many US nationals will have to apply for their tourist visa prior to gaining entry into India. In most cases, the visa will be granted for up to six months, with longer stays possible. However, when applying for a visa, you can expect that it will be valid for six months. Once you apply for the indian tourist visa and it is granted, you will know exactly how long you can stay. It is important that you never overstay the visa, as doing so can result in more serious consequences.

Although you will find plenty of information online to help, there is a decent sized checklist of things you should accomplish. You have to fill out the Indian visa application as a United States citizen, making sure that you use original documents and copied documents from appropriate locations, or that it can hold up to the whole visa application process.indian embassy indian embassy tourist visa, indian embassy visa application, indian embassy visa application form, indian embassy visa application online, indian embassy visa online

An interview will be scheduled before your visa is awarded. For the interview with Indian Embassy, you need to bring all of your relevant visa application documents and any necessary supporting documents. These will include a national ID, a national passport, or your birth certificate. Many of the Indian visa applications will be for individuals. If you need one for a company, you should be filling out a separate form.

Take into account that the payment for your visa application does come with a limit of attempts. This will also mean that no more than three attempts can be made for paying for the e-tourist visa, which is also known as the eTV visa. If your payment is not final under the three attempts, your account could be blocked and your application will either be eliminated or declined. After the eTV is issued and you have made your way to the port, biometric details will then be captured to match your online application.

It will also be possible to apply for regular visas at the Indian embassy or consulate that services the area you are in. Handwritten information will not be accepted here. To request or apply for a regular visa, you will need to download the application from the website of the Indian government and fill it in completely. The form can be submitted to the Indian consulate, embassy or application center.

After you have your visa, you will then be able to travel to India from the United States. However, you should never forget that you could still be refused entrance when you get to the border if you have any discrepancies in your visa. No matter what, you will always find that double checking your information and being prepared will be the best course of action.