Obtain Chinese, Pakistani, and Dubai Visas?

To put it simpler, I think my question is would it be quicker if I get Chinese, Pakistani and a Country Visa (If you are a Canadian) in Dubai? Or will it be easier if I do it in Central Asia? I will be in Dubai in January, Iran in the spring. Then, I will come to Central Asia (Particularly in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) in the Summer.

I will cross the Chinese border, To Kashgar, before I go down to Pakistan through the Friendship Highway, and then I will finally arrive in India at the Lahore/ Amritsar Border.

Since I would be required to have a Chinese, Pakistani, and Country visa, apparently, I would like to get all of them quickly at the nearest embassy, or consulate in the area. I want to know if I should avail all these tourist visas in Dubai all at the same time or only if I travel and need them on the road in Iran, Or Central Asia?

Some say that doing the latter can be troublesome because some embassy officials outside the industrialized world are difficult to deal with. Getting a Chinese Visa in Canada is very effortless, and within three days, you can get one that will last for three months for $50. I wonder if it will be the same in Dubai?

The three countries you mentioned all have consulates in Dubai. They have embassies in Abu Dhabi too, so you certainly won’t have any issues except that they consulates may be very crowded because many of them are working here. Nonetheless, you can call before going there so you can set up an appointment.

It is probably possible for you to obtain a visa for the other countries that you listed from here too.