New rules for people to get a country visa

I need to know the newly implemented rules on Visa for India.

1. The new legislation on getting an visa for visitors:
– Those who are originating from India, their dependent children and their husband/wife will not get visitor visas anymore. They must get entry visas instead.
– A gap of at least one-month is a must for getting a fresh visitor visa upon the expiration of the recent visitor visa.
– At least a break of 2 months between two India visits using a visa for tourists. You can apply for an exemption to this law, and you can seek further information on the checklist for the tourist visa in our page for frequently asked questions. Please feel free to reach us at 0892 230 358, our call centre hotline.

2. Those NGO volunteer applicants are not allowed to acquire entry visas any longer. It is advisable for them to just obtain a visa for employment.

3. There are condition changes to visa for entry, tourist, and work. You can access the new checklist on our section for “visa types.”

4. Your visa application evolution will be sent to you via SMS and email. You are informed after the completion of your application process. You are required to pay 1€50 for this service.

5. Foreigners who are residents in France are now permitted to acquire a business visa in France for as long as they are in France for less than two years. However, a minimum of at least 15 working days is the estimated length of time that this application is processed. Those who can show an evidence of their at least two-year France residence will get a privilege to process their application in roughly seven working days; it is advisable, in all cases, to give your available proof of residency in France. The times for processing mentioned above are for submitted applications in person at our centre in Paris. For those who wants to present their application in a different mode of submission, please check our processing times page.

6. The country embassy has informed us about the new procedure in processing Journalist visa. They instructed us that it cannot be processed urgently anymore.

7. Those who are attending the Mathematicians International Congress in August 2010 are appealed to give an emphasis on this when applying, so it can be appropriately processed. Please see the checklist for conference visa for the list of the documents that are required.

8. Satphones official information from Indian Embassy:
“Indian Telegraph Act of 1885 is regulating any usage/operation of devices/services that are considered telegraphic. Unauthorised usage of any telegraphic devices like Satphone is a violation of the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885 Section 4, and the penalization is under section 20 as well as the section 21 of this act.

Anyone who intends to carry satellite phone to India shall get a prior permit from the Telecommunications Department. For an instance of importing a cargo with a satellite phone, the person importing must provide a declaration about the details of the item being imported. Anyone who brings satellite phones in hand baggage/baggage without permit or licence would be detained until the importer can provide a permit given by the Telecommunications department.”