Instructions need to obtain the visa

I have arranged an appointment to request for one of it On the 7th of August. I will go to the BLS International Visa Center located in New York, USA.
I have finished filling out and printing my application for a visa, and I have also attached my passport photo. What other things do I have to bring? There is nothing mentioned on the website of BLS. I am aware that the total amount that I have to pay for the visa is $67. However, I am not sure whether I can make the payment in cash at the center or not, or if it must just be a blank money order for the said amount. How I wish that they would give a clearer explanation of how this entire process works. Obviously, I will have to bring my application and my U.S. Passport, but is that all that I need to bring? I have to ensure that this appointment is going to succeed.

You have to bring exact amount in cash. There is no assurance you that they can make or give change; It is also better if you bring the extra 100 for the expediting fee. You just have to pay it, and you will be able to claim your visa if you do not pay, it will still be processed; however, it might take a while before it is processed