Indian Visa for Minors

Getting An Indian Visa For Minors

PassportLooking to get an Indian visa for minors? Not sure about how the process is going to unfold? There are many nuances, which you are going to need to figure out well in advance. There are countless details people tend to miss out on and that is the reason their progress is hindered. If you are looking to get an Indian visa a minor, here is what you are going to need to look out for. As long as you pay attention to these factors, you are going to be good to go in the long-term.


You are going to need to fill out a comprehensive application with regards to the minor’s details and association with their parent and/or guardian. All of the forms will be filled out online and then an appointment will have to be booked with the visa center to ensure everything is factually correct.

This has to be done well in advance to any trip that is being booked to India.

It is essential to remain attentive to all of the details involved in this process before making a decision one way or the other. It is important to brush up on your knowledge with regards to getting a visa in this day and age.


What about the fees for a minor? They are going to be less than a general person (adult), but it is still going to be set in place and has to be paid.

The fee is going to come out to be $157. This has to be paid during the application process in order to gain confirmation for the appointment(s) you are going to have for the minor. It is critical to have these paid in time to have the ability to book a flight as needed.

It is generally going to be easier to get the visa for a minor as long as the parent and/or guardian has been approved as well. It will make it easier to have the child processed and ready to go. Nonetheless, there is a comprehensive application process, which has to be adhered to every step of the way or the results are not going to be sufficient. Make sure to follow all of the applications processes along the way and get the results that you covet. The minor will be able to acquire the visa as needed within time.