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Indian Visa Application Form

ancient_india_cityEvery foreign national who wants to enter India must possess the valid international travel documents, including their national passports and a valid visa, which can be obtained from a post abroad or an Indian mission. All of the individuals traveling to India are advised to apply for an Indian visa online, for easier visa inquiry and application.

The properly signed hard-copy of the visa application form should be completed in full before submission. It should then be delivered directly to the Indian Mission or to the relevant Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC), on the interview date you scheduled, along with necessary complimentary documents. You can see all the instructions about filling the form and how the interview can be scheduled at the Instructions For Regular Visa Application website.

How to Obtain an Indian Visa

Persons going to India are advised to use the website to make an application for entry visa. In any case, no handwritten application forms can be accepted in any Indian Mission Post especially if the online Visa application facility has been implemented in your country. If you already applied for the visa online and you would like to know more about the status of the application, you can check the websites visa inquiry tab. Details and more descriptions about your application will be availed in the page.

The Indian Mission needs at least 3 working days upon the receipt of your Visa application through the direct means or the IVAC, to fully process your case and issue you a visa according to your nationality and excluding some special cases as well. The online indian visa application facility lets people going to India into person to upload a digital image or photograph before the completion of the regular visa application. Go here to get your application started.

Applying for your India evisa or eTV

Online visa agencies can typically process Indian e-Tourist visas in about 4 business days. Access the form here.

For the photograph, the height and the width must be of equal size. The photo should be front view, full face with eyes open. The center head must be within the frame and should present the full head from the top hair to the lowest point of the chin. In addition, the background should essentially be of plain color, preferably light colored or white background. There should be no shadows on the background or on the face. Ensure that your photo fits the head, and it should measure 1 in to 1 3/8 in (25mm to 35mm) and the eye height between 1 1/8in to 1-3.

The Visa fee will depend on the type of visa applied such as Indian Goa visa, for as well as the duration of the visa like a 5-year Indian Visa. The fee is divided into different types including basic fee, processing fee, special fee, and other fees from the out-sourcing agency. Once received, the fees are non-refundable even when the application is withdrawn before the visa was granted, and if the visa is issued for shorter periods than those applied for.

Don’t forget to double check your application details before submission since you won’t have the option to make further modifications once submitted. Keep your application ID to facilitate further communication. Visit out home page to see the list of travelers from eligible countries provided by Indian Embassies and Consulates.

It’s during the holiday season, and you are probably looking forward to that vacation in the Goa. It could even be that work errand to or from India you need to get to urgently, and you are wondering how to get a visa without a tussle.

In the 21st century acquiring an Indian Visa has been made easy. You could apply for it online, by mail or by reporting directly to their offices. Payments for visas have also changed through time. Now you may use Visa tokens to pay for your visa. There are several requirements you will need to fulfill to obtain your entry visa.

If you are interested in applying for an evisa India please visit our home page.