India Visa Renewal

Indian Visa Renewal Process

Having an Indian visa gives you the privilege of visiting and staying in Indian for a particular period. How long you stay in India will depend on the type of visa you have. The type of Indian visa you have can allow you to stay for an extended period or a short period. Moreover, others do not permit you to remain in this country for more than seventy-two hours such as the transit visa, which is only meant for journey stopovers. However, even though each type of visa has a limited period of how long you can stay in Indian, you might be able to prolong your stay depending on the type of visa you have.

Indian Visa That Can Be Renewed

Not all Indian visas are acceptable for renewals. Some can be renewed while others cannot be renewed and one might be forced to apply for a new visa to be allowed to travel to this destination again. Here are some of the Indian visa entries that can be renewed.

Employment Visa

Employment visa is issued to those who work in India at registered entities. Those who possess this kind of visa have the privilege of renewing their visa within the country, and they do not have to travel back home to have their visa’s renewed. Furthermore, you also need to acknowledge the fact that this permit is valid for one year and after that you are supposed to renew your visa. Moreover, you must provide proof of employment as part of the requirement.

A Student Visa

A student visa allows foreigners to further their studies in India at any accredited university that is within the country. You should understand that this permit is valid for five years, and you can choose to renew your visa after staying for this duration. If you wish to extend your residential period as a student, you do not necessary have to travel back to your country to renew your visa since you can do this within the country.

What You Need For Indian Visa Renewal

If the type of Indian visa you have is acceptable for renewal, there are certain requirements that you must have so that the renewal process can be successful. If you are a foreigner and wish to renew your Indian visa, you must have a copy of your visa, a passport photo and also an application form for requesting your extension for overstaying.

However, even though your Indian visa is optioned for renewal. It is advisable that you submit your application sixty days before your valid visa expires. If not, you will have to other option but to travel to your country of origin and to renew your visa. As part of the requirement, you are also supposed to provide your residential address as contacts that the respective office can use to reach you.

Where To Renew Your Indian Visa

There are various places where you can renew your visa if you wish to extend your stay in India. The first place where most people find it convenient to renew their visa is at the registration offices. That is because registration offices possess most of foreigners details, which makes the verification process easy. Another convenient channel for renewing your Indian visa is online.

The bureau of immigration department has a website that offers visa renewal services to foreigners. Online renewal is convenient since you can be able to track the entire process from the comfort of your home.


Indian visa renewal process does not take long to complete. As long as you provide all the necessary details that are needed for renewal, this process only takes a few hours or day depending on which channel you use.