Emergency Visa to India

Obtaining Emergency Visa To India

lets-travel-to-india2Emergency visas to India are provided in order to facilitate visits to India on account of incidents of loss of life, accidents or serious illness of kids, parents and siblings. It is not difficult to obtain an emergency visa from any country in the world if you fulfill one or more of the aforementioned reasons. You need to approach the Indian embassy or consulate in your resident country for this purpose. Usually, emergency visas are issued to suitable applicants on all working days. This article provides an overview of emergency visa to India.

One of the best ways to obtain a visa quickly is to get it through an online agency like Indian Visa Online. You may approach us on any working day, and your emergency visa application will be processed under high priority.

Emergency visas are granted for 6-months to naturalized US citizens of Indian origin. The first step of obtaining such a visa is to submit your application with us, filling out all the details of your visa requirement. There are important documents that need to be furnished when obtaining an emergency visa to India. The last held Indian passport, completed visa form, proof of local address, proof of emergency, Certificate for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship and any other relevant document to prove your case for obtaining the visa. All applicants should upload their forms online for the processing of their emergency visas. If you don’t upload the photograph, your emergency visa application will not be processed until they are uploaded. It is important to keep this in mind when applying for your visa.