Business Visa Application: Necessary Requirements in India

Business Visa Application: Necessary Requirements in India

India is emerging as a vast business sector not just for now but, for the future as well which has ended up it in making a hub for foreign nationals.  This fact truly makes us believe in the growing tourism of India but, that’s not everything they are for, even the business opportunities have started attracting and grabbing the attention of foreign nationals from every corner in the world. In case you are a prestigious businessman planning your next business trip to India, this blog will definitely take you to some of the important facts related to all Indian Visa Application requirements for a Business visa.

Validity of Visa

The first and foremost thing to know about your business visa is its validity as stated by the consulate. Your visa validity is mentioned near the date of expiry on your visa and if your passport expires after 4 years and you request for a 10-year visa, the consulate will first match your validity date with the expiration date. Keeping this in mind, select the appropriate validity of your visa or else, it may cause trouble for you.


It is mandatory to present your actual signed passport with a copy of your personal information attached to it. Also, you cannot present any invalid documents as passports that are valid for six months beyond the validity of visa are accepted. Carrying at least two blank pages for the visa stamp is highly recommended and it shouldn’t be torn, frayed, or has folded in any way.


There is also a special criterion for attaching photograph and, any person who violates the terms may find their application rejected no matter if you are placing an India Visa Application Online.

  • The photographs should be printed on high-quality photo paper and, taken within the last two-three months prior to the application.
  • The size should be two inches by two inches against a completely white background.
  • A full-frontal view should be clear including your head and face with the head in middle and presenting a non-smiling expression on your face.
  • Wearing headwear and eyeglasses is no way required as long as you are wearing it for any religious purpose.
  • Your photograph should not present any mark or evidence of staples or adhesive tapes.

Driving License

Attaching a copy of your driving license comes under one of the formalities while you apply for an Indian Business visa. The copy must show your detailed address as specified in the visa application form. Also, it is essential to present an address proof that matches your address marked in the application form.

Certificate of Incorporation

Your business travel to India certainly means you are going to find a growing business opportunity and a company in India has invited you to mark the appearance at the organization. The consulate only needs proof of this which is why presenting the Certificate or Letter of Incorporation from the company that has invited you to India is mandatory.

Business Cover Letter

Just like presenting the inviting company’s proof, you have to also show proof of the company you are working in currently. This makes you present a Business Cover Letter from the company in your country stating the address of the same.

Letter of Invitation

Without presenting the letter of invitation your business travel can completely get ruined. Make note that the company inviting you to their country is responsible for presenting the invitation letter and must complete the following requirements.

  • Request the identical visa validity as specified on Business Introduction Letter.
  • Letter of Invitation should be written on company letterhead.
  • State the local address and contact number of the company.
  • Should follow the same format in the invitation letter as specified in the sample invitation letter.
  • Should be signed with the name of the authority.

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