Tips for travelling in India

India is a huge country, not only in size, the 7th largest in the world, but also in population, 1.3 billion, ranking them only a few millions short of China. Those numbers alone can be enough to scare off some travelers, but those willing to take the plunge are rewarded with an unforgettable tour of … Continue reading Tips for travelling in India

Shopping in India

Shopping, the world’s most polarizing activity, never ends regardless of how many stores you’ve hit or how many bags you’ve held. The pursuit of can’t miss deals is one that exasperates some spouses while invigorates others. For many Americans, shopping has become an online endeavor, accomplished from the comfort of your desk with a cup … Continue reading Shopping in India

Indian Food

INDIAN FOOD India is a country that for many is out of sight and out of mind, unless we are talking about the food. Even the biggest homebody has at least tried the spice enriched, amalgam of vegetables, curries and marinated meats that is Indian food. However, you’d be mistaken in thinking that because you … Continue reading Indian Food