What to bring home from India?

Here’s a List of the Best Luxuries to Shop for this Land of Riches India is a shopper’s paradise, overflowing with riches. Your senses will be filled with fabulous textiles, sparkling jewels, tinkling bells, intricate art work, divine perfumes, and every spice, scent and oil you can dream of. India is truly a land of … Continue reading What to bring home from India?

Bollywood Tours in Mumbai

Bollywood is the bright, musical, over-the-top and so-much-fun world of Indian film. India is a land that is obsessed with film and has been producing movies for over 100 years. It is crucial to your experience of India to watch some of these fabulously dramatic films on the big screen. Even better, go on a … Continue reading Bollywood Tours in Mumbai

Tips for travelling in India

India is a huge country, not only in size, the 7th largest in the world, but also in population, 1.3 billion, ranking them only a few millions short of China. Those numbers alone can be enough to scare off some travelers, but those willing to take the plunge are rewarded with an unforgettable tour of … Continue reading Tips for travelling in India