Food In India

A Beginners Guide to Indian Food

Indian cuisine is one of the richest and most elaborate foods in the world – not to mention one of the most delicious as well!  Trying this delicious varied cuisine is one of the highlights of any visit to India.  Given India’s sheer size there are great varieties and different foods among its regions.


Visiting India is now easier than ever with the ability to apply for your Indian visa online.  Below we list some of the most popular dishes you will encounter during your visit to India:

1. Samosa – These delicious pastries can be baked or fried and are shaped in a triangular way.  Inside they are usually filled with an assortment of vegetables, most typically potatoes, peas and rich spices.  Trying these flaky treats is a must during your visit.

2. Naan – No visit to an Indian restaurant is complete without its famous bread, the naan.  This flat bread that is perfectly fluffy can be served in a variety of ways – a butter naan being one of the most popular.  It is highly recommended to dip the naan in many of the rich sauces you will try.

3. Chicken curry – Curry is a dish consisting of many different spices used in combination with meat, seafood or vegetarian dishes.  Chicken curry is a delicious dish with rich spices and definitely something a first time visitor to India should try.  It is important to note that some curry dishes can be extremely spicy – notifying your server to make it more mild is recommended if you do not tolerate spicy food.

4. Tandoori chicken – A tandoor means oven so anything cooked in an oven in Indian cuisine is considered a tandoor dish.  Tandoori chicken is a delicious dish consisting of diverse spices including cayenne pepper and paprika.  It is usually not a spicy dish.

5. Dal – This delicious lentil soup or stew is a must for anyone eating in India.  The complexity of its taste will leave no one disappointed.

6. Raita – A rich yoghurt based dish that is refreshing and delicious.  It is prepared with numerous spices and vegetables.

7. Rabri – A popular desert made with yoghurt and condensed milk.  It is served cold and is a delicious, sweet end to an elaborate and rich Indian meal.

Indian cuisine is a delicious and rich cuisine that all visitors to India will enjoy.  Depending on what part of India you visit the cuisine will vary greatly.  Our recommendations are some of the most popular dishes in the country but they might vary greatly in different regions.  Whether you like spices, vegetarian dishes, meats, pastries or sweets you will most certainly find a dish you will love when you explore India’s wonderful foods.  Don’t wait and plan your trip now and fill out online your Indian visa application and enjoy some of the finest food in the world.

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